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The thing you must remember all the time is that the escort you have booked in with is human. She’s certainly not just a toy you can have fun with. You need to treat her with some respect. If you go to your appointment with that in mind, then you are on your way to being a good client.

A good client at all times makes sure they’re fresh and clean. If your appointment with your escort is after work and you’re maybe a bit sweaty or feeling rushed, don’t worry. The escort is prepared for this and she will have facilities for you along with one-use toothbrushes and deodorant. She knows that after you’ve been to work you will want to freshen up, most people do, and she won’t think you’re unclean if you ask to use the shower. You’ll be welcome to use what’s there and she’ll also be happy you’ve had chance to freshen up, for her and yourself so that everyone is at ease.

Another way you can be a good client is by not bargaining on the price. When you book your appointment with your escort you established the price from what was shown on the website or agreed to the fee that would have been cited over the phone. Please don’t demand money off or worse, say you’re a tenner short. It puts the escort in a predicament and it’s likely she will ask for you to be barred from using the agency. Don’t make a big deal of giving her her fee, either. You both know money needs to exchange hands, so just put the correct amount in an envelope where she can see it and don’t be upset if she counts it. Most escorts are told by their agencies to count the cash. It’s not intended to cause offense.

Don’t push boundaries with your escort. If she doesn’t feel okay doing something you’ve asked for then don’t suggest “ways round it”, try to give extra money or presents, and do not under any conditions force her. If you are after a certain activity then it’s best to find out with the agency if this is okay as they may have escorts who are prepared to do things, others may not. You should respect this at all times. This is categorically something that will get you banned from using the agency. The escort is the one in control when it come to working hours, the things she is willing to do, etc. If you have unusual desires it’s always best to communicate this to the agency ahead of time.

Next week our blog will be back with part two of our guide on how to be a good client, so that you are prepared for your next booking, or maybe even your first appointment. Our escorts in Cheshire are ready for you now, but they need to be valued and treated nicely, just like you do! We have the best Cheshire escorts around, so make sure you keep in mind how blessed you are!

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